Solvere Corporation is a full service marketing agency, part of Finance magnates directory, providing online and offline marketing services to financial sector. With offices in Hong Kong, Munich, Shanghai and Bratislava we serve more than 30 huge financial customers, mostly brokerage houses. Plans to expand to Almaty and London in 2016.

We provide wide range of unique sponsorship packages, hospitality packages at the biggest football clubs worldwide from USA to Europe. The company has been focusing on financial projects from scratch working with well known brands mostly in CEE. Serving with our products (Adfraud system, Heatmap software, RTB software) huge range of customers. We provide ROI driven online campaigns, we open new perspectives of RTB online traffic efficiency (see our product at for financial institutions and luxury clients, huge brands, broaden the customers knowledge about ad-fraud software, helping to identify fraudulent traffic, scam, robots, coming to our clients websites from range of affiliates.

With more than 8 years of various project experiences, we provide a wider insight into the possibilities of our clients, mostly brokers and banks related to acquisition of clients via online channels campaigns + combination with offline services, brochures, flyers, expos, events, seminars. We organised a huge seminar in CEE, Bratislava in May 2015,, so if your brokerage would like to come to CEE, you know,where you can find us.

  • We combine talent, technology and financial knowledge to help you to turn clients into traders
  • We provide investors leads from all the financial instruments out there, and more
  • We innovate and we do it all over the world
  • We optimize
  • We educate
  • We strategize

Guided by insights

Traders behavior is continually evolving in the wake of rapid technological developments. In the financial industry, we are always challenged to keep up the paste, to innovate, to create new experiences, to teach and learn from our clients.

We are in this together

Today, traders attention becomes even more fragment, your Brand faces new obstacles each day. In this complex industry, hand-in-hand, we help our clients navigate their way up to success!