Based on our experiences, we summarized essential know-how from the financial industry into our 3in1 RTB platform to provide customers a real-time bidding system to get the best premium traffic with various targeting options. Our platform provides:

           • Premium CPM traffic with various targeting options
           • Unique heatmap tool for user experience optimization
           • Adfraud system to save your money on fraudelent traffic

Platform features:

           • Special cookie pool targeting                                                           • Retargeting option                                       

           • Search targeting option (Google, Yahoo, Bing)                         • Video targeting option

           • Mobile targeting option                                                                      • Javascript / Iframe tags support

           • Own analytics team of 10 people                                                    • Campaign is live in 48 hours

Our case studies from the past:

rtb case

If you have questions regarding our RTB platform, feel free to contact us via