Ladislav Kazán – Managing Director, entrepreneur, CRM specialist CPM, CPL, CPC
online performance guru and strategist with cross-functional leadership experience in
business and operations for complex projects from scratch including EON, ZUNO
BANK, Avitech, World Business Press Online.


Marek Bočánek – CPM/CPL specialist, previous experiences – WBPOnline analyst, working
on the biggest CPL/CPM premium branding campaigns for Swissquote, Saxo bank,
Cornerbank. Leading the biggest analytics team in Slovakia office.



podolayPaul Podolay – Representative for Germany. Leading person in case of financial industry
in Germany and Slovakia. Leading more than 10 data analyst.



4568756Marek Bachratý – Sales Manager, worked for various sales projects for huge international
customers like HP, Kärcher, Rein3.



0c284e2Ehab Jabareen – Representative for Izrael and Cyprus. Previous experience on marketing
projects in BForex, Trade Networks, Adorika and Option Fair.



jhgAdam Sun – Representative for Shanghai. Previous experiences on huge financial
projects in MassMutual Financial Group, Standard Chartered Bank and Bank of China.



0f0cfb7Warwick Pearmund – Representative for Hong Kong. Previous experiences on financial
projects in Merrill Lynch, Jefferies & Company, Bank of America, Hays.