Use the heatmap software to understand your visitors and improve your sales!

How does a Heatmap software help to optimize your sites?

1. Monitoring of users‘ behavior

If you neglect monitoring of your users’ behavior, it is a considerable mistake in this business.  For example, you belief that your videos are so attractive that all that you have to do is simply post them and people will be motivated to watch them is a huge mistake. You need to make sure that they are well-placed and people are able to reach them, watch them and enjoy them. Creation of a great content, or an awesome site design, is just the beginning. Heatmap software provides both at-a-glance data, and in-depth analytics. It will allow you to see what is being done on your site.

This provides you with a strageic information. For example:

  • do your visitors prefer to click on a text, buttons or pictures?

That information will provide you with the opportunity to change even small, neglected parts of your site so that people could enjoy their website-visit due to its user-friendly character. If you would like to redesign your website or your landing page, the heatmap tool is the right one to help you in this case according to collected data. 

2. See where your traffic interacts

With a heatmap you are able to:

  • interpret user’s actions, what helps you to assess your success
  • Are there distractions on your website like links, ads or pictures? You may need to move their placement or remove them completely on the grounds of information from your heatmap.
  • You can easily see what people prefer, what people don’t seem to care about; what is driving them away or luring them to your website.

It is a simple strategy, albeit not fully grasped by everyone. Although you may be posting frequently, thinking that you are adding a great stuff, have you ever been thinking if those people really read it? The old concept ‘if you build it, they will come’ has become outdated.

3. Strategically place your features

So, with a heatmap you can get a very simple and straight-forward look of your website and see what people actually do on it. As we have discussed it already in the 1. article, information provided by this tool can be easily implemented in the framework of webdesign. Watch closely where people are scrolling, clicking and spending their time and then put your call to action features or other most important links there. Conversely, your dead areas should include the least important information or links. Don’t add your call to action or sales links to areas that are “cold” on your map, because you could be wondering later, why no one clicks there! Put them where they could be seen and noticed easily!

4. Remove Distractions

As mentioned above, heatmap can help a website owner to eliminate distractions, so let’s take a closer look to this issue.

Your website, like any other business, has some specific goal. You expect (and want) people to see certain things, read certain content and spend some time. You also want them to click on your ads, naturally. Anything what could be keeping them from doing that is a distraction, not helpful to your business. If you see that people spend large portion of time viewing or reading content that draw them away from your website, reflect that. You may not even realize, which respective areas distract your consumers and some may find it even surprising what kind of context is the problematic one on their website.

What are the Benefits of a Heatmap software?

  • Improvement of User‘s Experience
  • Optimisation of Visitors‘ Engagement
  • Increase of Online Sales