Stop paying for advertising fraud!

If you pay for:

  • visits, which will never convert (clickbots, botnets) 
  • ads that are seen by nobody (invisible, hidden ads)
  • affiliates stolen commision (Adware)

Then we have a solution for you!

We have developed our Ad fraud tool, to help you effectively optimize fraudelent traffic resources, save your marketing  budget  and increase your ROI. Our tool Works on simple Javascript code basis and only thing  you just need to do is:

1. Implement a Javascript tracking pixel on your web
2. Collect your data and analyze them
3. Customize automatic fraud traffic alerts
4. Optimize your ad campaigns based on reports
5. Save your money and don’t pay for fraudelent traffic

If you would like to know more about our Ad fraud tool and the possibility to save money to your business, feel free to contact us via our email